Better Africa Communications and Consulting is a South African company established in 2005. Our concerns are in two major divisions: Communications and Consulting.

Our Communication arm covers Television & Film Production, Online Journalism, Print – Magazine and Newspaper, newsletters, posters, flyers…this includes writing, proofreading, editing and technical advice …Photography is also our strong point in this division.

Our consulting forte include, among others, Trade & Investment advice in Africa, with deep-seated insights on Nigeria-South Africa business dynamics; Training, Seminar and Conferences, Tourism, Events Organisation & Management, plus hiring of toilets, lights, tables, chairs, toilets, canopies and Business Development.


We pride on providing cutting-edge services with up-to-the-minute technologies, using our esteemed team of experts as the driving force. We do not only do your job well… we do the right things.

Our product design and development is seen through the eyes of our customers. Meeting the expectation of our customers is the only reason why we are in business. Our suppliers are seen as integral parts of our organization and treated as internal customers.

We are highly Total Quality Management compliant seeking continuous improvement and excellence in every aspect of our products and services.

We want to drive a healthy competitive spirit on the continent that predisposes every African organization to pursue excellence and qualitative deliveries.


Our core market is Africa and we are passionate about contributing to the development of the continent.

We are in business to make you smile, so that you can always come again.

Our business is tightly anchored on responsible profiteering.

Our Mission

We strive to be one of the preferred organisations in the African “communications and consulting market within the next decade.  We are poised to control, at least, 5% of the African market in the next ten years.

Our Vision

We want to join in the esteemed efforts to re-brand and reposition Africa, thereby being a stakeholder in making Africa the preferred business destination in the 21st century.

Our Milestones:


We content produced for Good Morning Africa – the most popular breakfast show on the continent and we still handle their research and special projects.

We produce African Beauty @ Karibu, a beauty show that airs on M-Net Channel 115.

We produce Agogo Ayo – a flagship show on M-Net Channel 118.



Online Sub-Editing for M-Net on Big Brother Nigeria. (2006)

Online Content Creation for M-Net on Idols West Africa (2007)

Online Sub-Editing for M-Net (DSTV) on Big Brother Africa (2008)


Editorial, Marketing and Distribution Consultant for African Standard Newspaper (2004 -2006)

Editorial, Marketing and Distribution Consultant for Jozi Weekly (2007)

Proofreading for UNCUT Magazine (2011)



Communications consultant for Omega Fire Ministries (2011)